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Ryan Boz

Ryan Boz is a three-time U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion. Starting his dancing career at a young age, he grew up in a dancing household, learning all styles of dance including shag, west coast swing, east coast swing, latin, country, and hip hop. Ryan's dancing career has taken him all over the world as well as to television and movies. His passion and goal in life is to teach everyone to dance, so that they may also learn the joys one can derive from dancing the night away...

Skylar Pritchard

Skylar Pritchard, a champion-level dancer, has consistently proven her prowess by securing numerous victories in Jack and Jill and Strictly Swing competitions. As a dedicated and passionate coach, Skylar not only excels on the dance floor but also imparts her expertise to aspiring dancers. Her commitment to excellence earned her the prestigious Annie Hirsch award, a testament to her hard work and outstanding contributions to the world of dance.

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